Director of Sales

James B. Imbach, born and raised in the Napa Valley, joined Vineyard 7 & 8 in 2013 as Direct Sales Manager.

James earned degrees in politics and history from New York University before returning to Napa in 2003. His career started with the forming of a company focused on procuring and selling small lots of premium wines within an international network of collectors. In 2006 one member introduced James to his first bottle of Vineyard 7 & 8.

In 2008 James joined Cultivate Systems, the leading data asset management group providing online sales and consultancy services to the wine industry. While at Cultivate, James worked with some of the most sought-after winery brands in the country—one of which was Vineyard 7 & 8. James’ passion, drive, and knowledge of direct to consumer marketing has already proven to be a wonderful asset!